Faster and better ways to make meals

Just started playing the game and I’m loving it so far.

In the future release I would like to see more automated and less time consuming ways to cook food.


[ul][li]Electric and non-electric pressure cooker. Both pressure cooker types should be able to: cook foods at 1/2 the current times required or even 1/3 (electric = built-in electric heating element ONLY, conventional = any source of heat) and make “clean water” faster. What I would really like to see but probably won’t see it, is a set-it-and-forget-it feature for the electric pressure cooker, AKA automatic shut off. From my understanding a pressure cooker, if implemented would be considered a “tool” only, even though in reality it is also a container, that on the other hand would belong in the “other” section.[/li]
[li]Slow cooker. Designed to allow you to create more nutritious, low level “Cooking”, compared to other methods available for low level “cooks”. Once again I would like to see the set-it-and-forget-it feature implemented for it.[/li]
[li]Parabolic (solar) cooker: concentrates the sun rays to a focal point to heat a cooking vessel. Technically it works as long as some sunlight bounces off of the cooker, but for simplicity it could be made to work on “bright” days only (to simplify it even more, once cooking has started, allow it to keep cooking even if it isn’t “bright” outside anymore. Optionally the cooking time could be dynamically increased as conditions change.) When it’s not being used to cook/heat stuff, it could also be used to operate a steam engine = mechanical energy > battery charges. The sky full of sunlight is the limit. More information @ Parabolic solar cooker designs[/li]
[li]Usable microwave ovens.[/li][/ul]

I suspect that at least some of the things I mentioned might be available through mods. Personally I only use mods if they feature basic things that should be in the game already. CataDDA is not one of those games as far as I can tell. Still, if there is absolutely no interest in implementing any of the above, I might just use mods that do.

Unrelated to the above: I keep getting warnings about low calcium levels (hypocalcemia, brittle bones, etc). So far my main source of calcium is bone broth. I would like to see more sources of high calcium foods. I know that manufacturers of junk food love to fortify their foods, it seems that the in-game junk food lags in that regard.

Variable time recipes aren’t supported.
They are planned, but it’s not that easy to add it.

Is the multi cooker still in the game? Cause that had a set-it-and-forget-it feature if i recall; but i only ever found it once…