Fast Learner and Savant

The Savant trait says that when paired with Fast Learner, it comes out with a slower overall learning rate for all skills. Does this include the skill that Savant excludes? And why does this reaction occur? It’s just something that has always bugged me.

I just assumed it meant that Savant buggers up your learning rate for all but one skill so much that Fast Learner cannot compensate for it.

The silly thing is that Savant doesn’t give you a bonus to that one skill.

Yeah that bugged me too, but I guess because it’s an objectively bad trait and tagging on a good effect may throw that into jeopardy.

I wonder if there could be a ‘moderate’ category of traits, ones that had the good and the bad. I do see a problem with assigning point costs onto them.

savant can probably use an edit. does anyone take this one? it doesn’t give back enough points to be worth taking.

Yeah, both the fast learner and savant traits have probably needed to be rebalanced ever since the focus system replaced the xp pool one.