Character creation and Traits

Last time I played Cataclysm was not long before Whales abandon it.

So, what has changed in Traits? Wiki seems to be a bit outdated.

I interested in Fast Learner, Good Memory, Gourmand.
What’s more useful in long run - Fast Learner or Good Memory?
Did Gourmand acts just as before?
I know it depend on settings, I talk about mostly default.

Do you use skill rust or not?
AFAIK gourmand hasn’t been touched in ages.

Yes, I use default skill rust.

If you use skill rust, then good memory is necessary especially if you plan to read high-end books, as skills can rust while you’re reading a book.

Well, the problem is I can’t take Fast Learner AND Good Memory.
Only Fast Learner OR Good Memory.

Another question - what is minimal comfortable Perception to play with? I mean traps etc.

10 perception is the minimum to avoid landmines. 11 may be worthwhile if you don’t find sunglasses or some other method to keep the sun out of your eyes.