Savant + Slow Learner + Slow Reader

Have anyone played through a game with these traits?
I am thinking about doing a 91 days seasons play through and I am wondering if these three traits would go well with it to make learning speed more realistic?

And should I put skill rust on?

No rust or it’ll rust faster than you learn.

It makes me wonder if Slow Reader and Slow Learner could simply be edited to be more harsh (without having to recompile). Consider also Intelligence and its effects on reading speed. If you manage to edit those two traits, I think would have the most control over learning speed regardless of Intelligence, since it affects other things as well. You could have normal or high Int and still learn slowly (compared to normal), but still enjoy its other benefits.

How could I go about editing them to make them harsher?

Go into your options menu and check under the debug tab for an option labeled Skill training speed. It affects the entire game though; not just a single character.

Yeah, I also recommend setting skill training speed lower, I use 0.5 currently and it’s a kind of a struggle as you cannot effectively bump your Survival by butchering everything you see. Items like books and NPC who can train you get additional value. And it’s much better of course than taking some strange negative traits.

Okay, good. Thanks everyone. I normally take frail + slow healer so it’s nice to know I can still use them traits with this new setup.