Fashionable wolf skull helmet, and maybe more fancier armours?

Most fashionable clothings and armours seems pretty basic and doesn’t offer much protection. I dunno what the criteria is for considering an item to be fashionable to wear, but I feel like the wolf skull helmet, and many other skull helmets, should get the FANCY flag, right?

The description alone makes me feel like it should be, it does say it makes your eye water and I interpret that as you being proud of your beautiful handiwork.

Also those armour which has ornamental in their description feels like it should be fancy as well. Like the Ornamental Plate Armour and the O-yoroi, as well as some of the historical helmets since they are the subject of much ornaments before.

Nah, FANCY means fashionable in a black tie context, otherwise you could argue that any article of clothing should be fancy.

So formalwear types only? Guess its atleast tamer than some stuff I see in fashion gala videos.

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The fashion gala videos always seemed to be more about marketing.

There was once a story that Flletwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks had half a mansion just for outfits that she could only wear once. She got audited by the IRS because she had so many deductions on clothing. So, she had to take an auditor through her place. Said that if she did wear twice, she would be crucified by the various fashion, music, and gossip rags of the day. Which, with enough flak, could hurt her career. So, a bonafide business expense.

When I am thinking fashionable, I am thinking nice on an everyday level, not a gala or fashion show.

Stuff you would wear to a 5 star restaurant. Nice dresses and nice suits.

Of course, there is an argument for other things to be fashionable based on subculture. Back in the 90s/early 00s New Orleans, all the trust fund babies dressed in gothic Ren Faire outfits and Doc Martins. Expensive ass stuff. A dress could go for hundreds even used. But fashionable? Yeah… kind of was. But what worked in The Dungeon off Bourbon St, would not fly at Commander’s Palace in the Garden District. Nevermind NOLA got over 100 F in the summers with 100 percent humidity. (and people say CDDA is brutal sometimes with summer. No. It’s about right)

Of course, all of us cool kids know the ultimate fashion is full survivor body armor posing outside your death wagon…

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