Farms and food production

(Bad English Warning)

Hello guys.

So, i found a farm in my game map and there were lots of foods in the farm`s plantation squares, i took all the food and now theres no remaining. My question for you guys to help me, is: Is there a way to regrow vegetables?


hey ted.

At the moment, the closest you can get is looking in forests for apple trees. they’re light green 7s. There is usually an apple on the ground, and you can (e)xamine the tree in question to pick more-- they get dropped onto the ground nearby.
3 apples + rock = apple cider, nice and refreshing.

Also, blueberry bushes, but after a few days most blueberries will be rotten. You can try foraging in shrubs with a high survival skill to get wild vegetables too.

Honestly though your best bet is hunting and laying out a good number of traps. Rabbits, squirrels, dear, wolf… All delicious meaty chunks.

Thank you Iosyn.

I didnt know about the apple trees, so thats good ive meet you :D.
After writting this i search in the forrum and found out that theres not farming sistem at all, maybe in the futture, anyway ty for the help, i though i could live forever in a farm in the 2nd day hahaha.

Have faith, alot of things are being implemented! I am sure this will be added at some point in the future.