Farming questions

Do birds destroy crops? (Experimental build). There haven’t been any zombies rampaging over my fields but it looks like there are a bunch of empty patches where there should be young plants and seeds.

Also, I read on the wiki that giving fertilizer means you get less crops at harvest. Is that still the case? Seems a bit odd.

In 0.E2 stable I believe empty patches in my plots were caused by deer. Since I killed one of them and the others escaped no new patches appeared, despite a massive number of birds (mostly chicken) over the farming area.

Oh-hoh. Welp, looks like venison is on the menu.


on experimental, i haven’t had anything go anywhere near any of my crops so far, and when i’ve harvested i dont believe i got any less yield from fertilized crops, however, using the same farm plot over and over and over will damage the soil and provide for slower and lower yields (hence why real life farmers do crop rotations! but i don’t know if this is a gameplay feature.)