Faint and Shock

sorry from my bad english
i’m form thailand

an idea is
it would be good if this game have
faint system such as
1.see too much blood (kinda Phobia = bad traits)
2.Trauma or shock (too much negative moral i guess)
3.too much pain

Shock system such as
1.Cocaine Overdose (or other drug)
2.Shock blood loss

form me it too unrealistic to use 10 cocaine at the same time or broke both arm and let and you still have a consciousness(that’s a lot of pain)

this is reference

pain is already pretty badly as it lowers stats and speed significantly. One might say its not totaly realisticly handled but in terms of severity i think its okay.

As for using drugs excessively… well i realy never actually even tried that . but if its true it shouldn t be so easy to use that many drugs at once.

You can already OD on most drugs (pot, cigarettes and booze don’t), most causing crippling side effects and, eventually, death.

In the case of pain, if we really want to get realistic here, after a certain amount of pain you go from being slowed down and weakened to darting wildly and “holy shit my muscles and bones are breaking” levels of strength. On a side note, you could really use this as a “trigger point” to actually make high adrenaline useful. In cases of severe danger, the human body is capable of moving up to 2 tons (and, generally, breaking nearly every bone in their arms in the process).

i didn’t notice about OD

or i did’t use enough drug
sorry. my bad :slight_smile:

Moving 2 tons??? as in lifting? Or pushing arround…with wheels? :smiley: And you mean the average person or someone already very powerfull?

Is the point at which the game character suffers an overdose realistic? Might have to try and die hilariously.

A superhuman level of strength from an adrenaline surge isn’t something I’d call realistic…
I agree with the need for some kind of drug/pain consequences at some point, right now you go straight from normal levels of inebreation/impairment from a drug to immediate death, some more stages of impairment in between would be good.
Likewise pain just keeps slowing you down more and more, fainting episodes from the pain at very high levels would be reasonable.

[quote=“Valpo, post:5, topic:7172”]Moving 2 tons??? as in lifting? Or pushing arround…with wheels? :smiley: And you mean the average person or someone already very powerfull?

Is the point at which the game character suffers an overdose realistic? Might have to try and die hilariously.[/quote]

Its the effects of adrenaline. Your body has a built in limiter (multiple if you consider pain another), which adrenaline removes (for a very brief period). The average person can access up to 15% of their strength per muscle, however, under the effect of adrenaline, that limiter is removed. As you might have guessed, that limiter is there to stop you from destroying yourself. Pushing yourself a little beyond the limit will cause muscle tearing and, as you push further, will likely snap your own bones in half.

A side effect of adrenaline is that it also improves muscle coordination throughout your body. The 2 tons can be VERY briefly lifted (as in, shoved off of you) by coordinating every possible muscle to shred themselves as they push. You cannot push anywhere near that weight, however, due to the fact that how hard you can push is limited by the point at which YOU start sliding instead of the target.

The last point can be shown by simply pushing against a wall while wearing socks on a tile floor.

It is to still pretty hard to believe for me. I am used to moving arround very havy objects regulary and i know how much strain it can put on the body. If i realy excert myself i can maybe lift up to 200~ kg (not above my ahead >.>) and push arround give enough hold (socks on tiles doesn t cut it ofc xD) close to half a ton if the object itself isnt somehow burried or resisting the push by much more then just its weight on a flat surface.
so 2 tons would be 10 times what i can barely lift even though i don t think that i am weak…

I’m of the opinion that these stories, where not entirely fabricated, are describing an incident where someone tipped over a ‘some really heavy thing’.
Lifting a 2 ton object is absurdly far outside the realm of human ability. A quick look for world record lifts indicates the ceiling is somewhere around 600lbs for world-class weightlifters.
Additionally, there’s no believable explanation for why an unprepared and unconditioned person would be able to out-lift people who train for this specific task as a full time job simply because they’re scared and willing to hurt themselves, the pros are perfectly willing to harm themselves in pursuit of a record, and undergo training to get as close to the physical limits of their bodies as possible.

Actually assuming that you were pushing something off of you (as opposed to lifting it off the ground) 1 ton (or an approximate equivalent, I’m not going to work all the math right now) is probably fairly doable just looking at the physical stress limits of the human body. Bone has a remarkably high compressive strength, but rather low tensile and shear strengths. As for body builders, I’d be willing to bet that while body builders are find with some harm coming to themselves in pursuit of a record, I’d highly doubt that there are any body builders who would be willing to break all the bones in their arms to lift something once, if only because the fact that healed bones are never quite as strong as the originals. (Not accounting for the fact you need to be in just the right state of mind to do something like that).

There have been enough examples that I’d be willing to accept that people can do things like that, though I’d like to point out that this isn’t something that always happens. There are many more stories of people who have been trapped under wreckage, etc. and not been able to get themselves out vs. those who have.

It’s far more likely that muscle and tendons break than bones, and again, if you have the right amount of leverage, it’s perfectly reasonable for someone to tip or shift a 1T object, what I’m extrordinarally skeptical of is claims of someone lifting a 1,000lb or larger item+