Faction characteristics, changeable?

Hello! I just started playing with wandering NPCs and am building my faction. Just wondering if there is a way to change my factions interest in running gambling parlours? And what determines things like faction goals, military power, wealth, etc. Thanks! Love this game to pieces.

I’m pretty sure that this is all just randomly generated at the start of the game and there is no way to change it. However, that isn’t really a problem outside of roleplaying, as all those characteristics are just a few labels on some obscure screen and have literally no impact on the game whatsoever, AFAIK.

From what I’ve seen, Factions are just in the beginning stages of development right now. As of right now, there doesn’t appear to be any way to change the interests of your faction, or any others in-game. There is a way to change it from the master.gsav file inside the world folder, but right now, the faction interests are purely cosmetic and placeholder details. Unless I’m wrong, which is a distinct possibility, since I’m not a developer.

If you’re still interested, it goes like this:
At the location where your copy of the game is saved, there will be a folder called “save”

Inside that folder will be a different folder for each world you currently have created. They will be named after the worlds they contain.

Inside the folder for the world that you want to affect, there will be a file called master.gsav.

Open that file, treating it as a text document, if necessary.

Inside that file will be fields denoting the values that show up in the factions screen. It may only populate information for the factions that you have discovered, but even if it does, that won’t change anything since you’re looking to affect your own faction.

Change the fields to your heart’s content.
The “goal” field is the faction’s ultimate goal (Spreading the fungus, World Domination, etc.)

The “job1”, and “job2” fields are their “primary concern”, and “also involved in” parts. You can set either one to “0” and they won’t show up. You can even set the same primary and secondary concerns (“their primary concern is the sale of information, but they are also involved in the sale of information”), but I think that each concern might have different values depending on whether they are primary, or secondary.

The “values” field determines what they are known for (“They are known for their robotics factories”, “They are known for their adherence to the law, and their treachery”). The number combination in that field dictates these.

I think you could set these fields to any number, but I believe that anything above 2147483647 will cause them to be empty, or wrap back around to -2147483647. Unless someone has a list of number combinations, and their corresponding values, the only way to be able to set specific goals in this manner would be to experiment with the combinations until you find one that you want.

The other values, such as “cult”, or “crime”, can be freely manipulated as well, but I think they might be boolean (“1” for “on”, “0” for “off”), and I don’t know if they have any impact on the game, yet.

Expect the faction goals to be scrapped.

They were never implemented and are only misleading pseudo-fluff (spreading fungus? why?).

Thanks for the enlightening replies! I’m looking forward to building my faction. For some reason NPCs keep spawning into my basement hideout. I’ve been lucky and been able to recruit them, so far!

Also, I’m very impressed with the NPCs these days, last time I tried them they were only good for stealing you stuff! Good work Devs! And thanks a bunch! Cata is one of the few games I always come back to.