Naming your faction ability

I would like there to be a way to name our faction just to add a little more make your own mark in the world type feel. Also there should be a sadness penalty when you have a npc you have a strong friendship with die you should be sad for a certain amount of time to make it more real as well.

It’s not something you can do inside the game but it is possible to change faction names. Inside save/[Your World Name Here] is a file called master.gsav. If you open that with a text editor you’ll find a list of known factions. The second entry in every set contains the name for that faction and you can change it at will.

Use Ctrl+F or whatever text search function you have to look for “name” until you find the one with “Your Followers” after it, change it to whatever you want, save the file and load your game. The faction name should have changed to whatever you set.

You could also change the descriptions or any of the values represented with an integer, but I think those are all purely cosmetic.

Can’t help with any of the other things, though.

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Thanks! I actually thought this was the suggestions tab I was just trying to throw some ideas that could possibly be implemented out there but thank you for your help though!