Face armour!

Ballistic Facemask.
Available at your nearest heli crash/military corpses/military surplus, bunker or outpost.

Covers – The Eyes, The mouth
Encumberance – 1/2
Bash protection – 2/3
Cut Protection – 4/5
Environmental – 0

A ballistic facemask made of kevlar and padded with shock-absorbing foam. Great protection and pretty durable.

(yes, it doesn’t exactly cover the eyes but it would give much more protection than say, safety glasses unless you got really unlucky.)

Also, Hockey masks in sports stores and on drug runner corpses –
Covers – The mouth, the eyes.
Encumberance – 1
Bash protection – 3
Cut protection – 2
Environmental – 0
An ancient artifact used by serial killers of old. Made of hardened plastic and not that durable, but works great with a machete.

I like it.

Fencing Mask
Covers: Eyes, Mouth
Encumberance: 3
Bash protection: 1
Cut protection: 8
Pierce protection (if there is such a thing): 10
Environmental: 0

A full-face mask formed from rigid wire mesh. Tough to breathe in & see out of, but it stops sword points cold.