Fabricatin and blacksmithing

I see blacksmithing listed in the release highlights. is this related to fabrication?

how does fabrication affect crafting? I checked the wiki and the skill requirements to craft items appear to remain the same and don’t mention fabrication. I posted about this before, but I don’t get the affect.

Blacksmithing is indeed fabrication.

Fabriation works as all the other skills when it comes to crafting, the only dfference is that the skill is only used in crafting
(And the wiki is massively out of date, fabrication is mostly used in blacksmithing and the making of ammo)

If you define “massively out of date” as “the release came out a few days ago so until someone fixes it (hint-hint!) it will be out of date”, then yes.

(It’s a wiki that anyone can update; so if you see something that no-longer applies then change it! Most of the devs are running the experimental which makes it hard for us to change it [due to having to check if something is only in the experimental], so feel free to improve it yourself!)

did blacksmithing add new craftables? you could make bullets before, but you had to take apart one type of bullet to make another. is all that still the same?

Fairly certain that that is the same, yeah. Blacksmithing basically added a massive amount of new recipes/items based around the fabrication skill, ranging from some metal things that you haven’t been able to make before, all of the way up to suits of armor and Japanese katanas.