F8a04ec - Home Frontier Starter Pack

Hey all,

I’m not able to disassemble my Home Frontier Starter Pack, just comes up with the “This item cannot be disassembled” message, I’ve tried debugging in various cutting tools as well in case but no success.

I assume this is a self made item. In that case, it needs a disassemble recipe.

It’s not a Self-made item, it’s an item currently in the Cooper Version of the game. They normally appear in gun stores.

Yeah it’s an item that’s been in since before 0.B. Strange that it doesn’t work anymore. Does it list dis-assembly components?

Oh, what type of item is it? (tool, armor, ect.) I will try to look for it in the disassemble recipes. Does activating it work? Maybe they changed it to that function.

It’s supposed to be a pack you find in home defense stores, that comes from a single company, http://cdda.estilofusion.com/l_HFPack

it looks like the description is accurate to what it disassembles to, but someone broke the disassemble recipe at some point?

Just tested on build 3811 and I cannot replicate this bug; the item disassembles as it is supposed to.

Got any more information about this? Anything weird going on in your save file otherwise? Are you absolutely sure you’re selecting the proper item? Have you modified any game files?

Yeah I think they work. I’ve no idea why their version didn’t.