External shopping cart basket (and others)

What is the point of external cargo storage? The external shopping cart basket in particular has 1/3 the capacity and takes 22 minutes longer to install than light wooden frame and a normal shopping cart basket.

the point is its outside your vehicle, so you don’t have to climb in to put things there.

whenever i build a big deathmobile, i generally tend to have the inside movable space as cargo space, so that i can still drop stuff on the floor as well as move around in it, but that restricts your movement while inside the vehicle… if you have storage on the outside, you can just drop it in and leave it there until you get back to base and have the time to sort it all out.

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You misunderstand. You could as well install an external frame and mount the cargo space on it. It would take less time and result in more storage.

As for accessing internal space, just park your big deathmobile at 45 degree angle and you can access it all.

you could, and while thats currently a viable option in the future it might not be… cargo space is like having a big open space that you just dump stuff on the ground… in the future it may very well change that those items will shift position because they’re unsecured, meaning that using things like the baskets would be more reliable because you know its less likely to fall out.

also, rather than installing it to a vehicle thats being moved by a motor, the shopping cart basket is probably better used installed to an existing shopping cart, it doesnt raise the weight so much that you can still push/pull it around, but it increases your overall storage space on the vehicle.

while thats currently a viable option in the future it might not be

Hence why this is a post in “the bunker”. To discuss if they have to be changed.

Better yet, you can remove both sides of a car, attach bike racks and have two rows of 4-6 detachable shopping carts. This is exactly what I am planning to do. But all of this is irrelevant to my original post.