The heat damage is quite overflowing

There were a lot problem about the heat damage, and have a lot reason make the game even harder,

the thing I was taking about was a heat damage from lava and level 3 fire tiles (red 4 icon),

here’s situation, when you try bypass the lava and the fires, it will cause a blister on you, and create a lot pain and hurting you,

you may said, that I dosn’t wear a fireproof clothes or something like that, but actually I did, and even better that clothes, I wear the heavy power armor with helmet and getting power on, and it still hurting me while I just getting close lava and fires nearby, I even active the CBM,

so wearing fireproof clothes and get close the lava and fires won’t protection you from heat damage,

well, that’s fine, but there is other thing can be pain in the ass… the flamethrower

yeah, in the old version, flamethrower was really easy to handed, just spray a few fire tongue, and cause a targeted arena creaft a 9 tiles level 3 fires, it will be fun to use it burning the zombies down,

then, since the new version release, I don’t know who was thinking setting a high recoil when you start aiming something was a good idea, if you want to know more about this problem, just look here There a few unbalance on aiming stystem
and you will know how bad it is, for really, can someone just remove those high recoil on the normal aiming status? it broke the game play!

So, let’s back about the flamethrower, because the high recoil on the started aiming stystem, you wont be shooting you fire on the targeted ground accurate, and even worst, in the new version, fire shooting on straight line instead shooting a bunch fire burst on the arena, make a flamethrower less effectiveness when dealing a lot enemy group,

but the worse things is… you guess it, A HEAT DAMAGE!!! you getting heat damage grow blister even time when you release your flamethrower, due the fire was level 3 and close to you, that’s bullcrap, so for now, you hurting youself any time you useing your flamethrower, that was great,

if the game was so difficult that you can’t shoot stand still and even have the weapons that hurting youself, then WHAT’S THE POINT TO HAVE A FULL AUTOMATION WHEN YOU CAN’T EVEN SHOOT THE NEXT TARGET JUST STANT NEXT TO THE FIRST ONE, AND GET YOUSELF BURNED EVEN WHEN YOU FIRING???

Did some one EVEN test those things on the game??? how could someone just play like this??? It’s so painfull!!!

The npcs and monsters has no such problem at all, so why PC?

I’m getting this too. I tried burst firing my vector and when my accuracy and confidence was off the screen the bullets don’t even hit the enemy 3 tiles away. I had marksman 5 when this happened.

First off, the Heat Damage is caused by something called “Convection”. Hold your hands near a fire (a safe distance, don’t burn yourself) and see how long you’re comfortable for.

Second, re-write your post to make it look neater and less like you’re ranting, or almost no one will listen to you. A general rule here is people don’t listen to ranters and whiners, even less so if they have poor spelling, punctuation and grammar (which your post has plenty of).

And yes, the aiming system has all the problems you’ve stated.

Sorry about that, I’m not really familiar about post, I will try my best, so people can understand the most thing I said, I’m not a good english speaker neither, but at least the people can understand what I was try to saying…

Just remember, I was just try to collect a problem that I found in the game, found the problems, and post the problems , so they can make the game better, and fun again, I wasn’t try to complain anything, hope you wont misunderstand.

I can’t blame you there. English is a hard language to learn. I’m a native English speaker and it still trips me up time to time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: I believe the reason that Recoil starts out high is to represent that you’re not taking the time to aim at first. That’s why steadying your aim with “.” is essential.

The thing is, you can’t do that on full-automatic shooting, it will auto switch the target after you’re killing one, and reset your recoil too, so you can’t doing anything about it, except watching your bullet fly around on the second target,

so for now, the full-automatic weapons was completely useless, even worst if you’re install it on the vehicle,

and flamethrow too, I think you supposed to stay for a secs before you getting hurt from the heat, because you wont change your body temperature instantly, if only it can take a few turn before it affection you, even if you surround by the lava and fires, that will be great.