[Experimental] Projectiles destroy stairs

as the title states, projectiles that travel over stairs causes the stairs to disappear
not sure if the type of projectile has anything to do with it but I used carbon fiber arrows to shoot a zombie dog in the shelter Im using as a base an now there are no longer stairs to the basement
reloading does not fix the missing stairs

I believe the version Im using is the night before when this was posted 2/17/14 no idea where to get the version number thing

Wow, thanks for reporting, I thought you were kidding, but it does exactly what you said, I have no idea how this happnes…

There’s a chunk of code that decides on the effects of shooting terrain, and if the terrain is weak enough it can be destroyed and the projectile can keep going. The comparison it uses got scrambled and it was treating stairs as paper walls or something. Have it sorted out I think/

The relevant issue: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/6192

Should be fixed. If it isn’t tell us.