Experimental O.C-2931, Compass doesn't work correctly

In the latest experimental the compass is all messed up. Enemies that are to the north are shown as being to the south and enemies to the south are not shown on the compass. This happens with NW and NE too, enemies in these locations are shown as being in the opposite (SE and SW respectively).

I’ve noticed this too. It’s totally messed up and I was going to mention it, but you got there first… :slight_smile:

It’s really confusing, and I find it hard to play like that because I rely so much on the compass.

Fix is in the wings. I guess the people with merge rights are asleep right now.

I think the compass is still broken as of the latest experimental (0.C-2934). It tried to tell me there was a zombie to the north of me, when in fact it was off to my west. It also told me a creature was to my due north, when it was actually NW of me.

These ‘readings’ were both taken when the screen was centred on my character, so I know it had nothing to do with the position of the camera…

Or stuck with IRL.