[Experimental] Can't enter basements

Hey folks. Using the nightly build from yesterday (7.1-9xx) it looks like you can’t enter basements.

“you can’t drag stuff downstairs!”

tried dumping all items to no avail. Think it might be trying to drag NPCs down there.

My bad, it thinks you have shopping cart.
It’s fixed in the latest build.


Oh yea, forgot to mention, there’re shopping carts now, just like you always dreamed.
By default you grab an adjacent cart (or other lightweight vehicle) with ‘G’, but that used to be mapped to something else, so you might need to map grab to something manually. Once grabbed, it slows you down when you move (based on how heavy it is vs how strong you are), but it comes with you. Let go by hitting the grab key again.

By “Lightweight vehicle” you mean… Bikes? Can you push cars? SLEDS IN WINTER!!!

Yea, you can walk bikes around, sleds would also be possible, at some point I’d like to differentiate between sleds and shopping carts for e.g. moving over soft ground vs asphalt or concrete, sleds are better at the first and carts are better at the 2nd.

There are some issues with multi-tile vehicles that make them kind of a pain when you change directions, but it’s functional already, so no need to hold off on landing it.