Experimental Build Timestamps

Would it be possible for the links to the experimental builds to automatically grab the timestamp from the latest build?

As far as I can tell there’s no way to tell from the main site when the last build was uploaded. You kinda have to download and unpack the thing to find out if it’s a new build. Or go to Github, I guess.

Also, it might be worthwhile giving a brief description on the site what the SDL and Curses versions are for. For the sake of full disclosure.

And finally, since I’m on the subject of the site; it might be worthwhile changing the ‘Home’ link on the top-left of the forum page to direct the user back to the main page, rather than the forum root. There are many easy ways to get back to the forum root(currently, no matter what part of the forum you are on, there are three links that lead back to the root), but no link back to the Cata main page from the forum. I know this can be done as I’ve seen other forums using SMF that have changed the link for that button.

If you grab your builds from ci.narc.ro directly then they will all have timestamps next to them. Alternatively you can just go look at the commits list on github. If there have been commits since the last time you downloaded a build (and it’s been about 8-9 minutes since they landed) then there will be a new experimental build.

Thanks for the links. =) I know you can find out by checking Github but I wasn’t aware of ci.narc.ro, so that’s handy.

But this is more a suggestion to include some of this information in the main site, to make it more accessible.