Date of the latest stable build

How do you tell the date of the latest stable build? This can change, so I’d prefer an easy way to check myself. just want to see what was added between my last version and the latest stable one. I have a long time survival going in a .71 version. Good shelter right next to a river which is VERY convenient since water is a pain.

If you mean the experimental - click check ‘source on git’ link, click commits, you’ll see the latest commits made. The experimental is made automatically when something is committed to the mainline repo.

No he means when was 0.7.1 released so he can compare it to latest I think.
0.7.1 was tagged at Thu Jul 18 21:47:16 2013 -0500

This shows the most recent 250 commits:

you’ll need to grab a git client and run “git log 0.7.1… --oneline” to get the full list of 1,524 commits, or start from and click Newer… Newer… Newer…