Can't download experimental builds

Since about a week ago I can’t download the curses or SDL versions of the experimental build and I get a 404 page with the following:

Status Code: 404


Generated by Winstone Servlet Engine v0.9.10 at Wed Sep 18 21:33:11 BST 2013

Am I the only one?

Maybe cause the devs haven’t done anything yet. Just play 0.8

It’s not because of that. It was happening before 0.8 came out and I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t still be happening. And no, the devs have already made updates in the github from what I can see which I would like to try.

Stop being condescending please, thanks.

This is an issue with the website, the version in the filename changed, but the site hasn’t been updated.
Copy the URL, replace the “0.7.1” at the end with “0.8”, and past that into your browser URL bar, otherside it should be fixed soon.

P.S. We’re alread 107 commits past 0.8.

Got it. Thank you.