Experience regarding the Wayfarer trait

So, I decided to start a game being a traditional survivor. Basically survivor dude with generic name out in the middle of nowhere to test out his skills. Well, until the world went sideways.

Anywho~ things proceded as normal. Found a wrecked campsite, cremated the bodies because spiritual trait, and made my way towards a road.

Followed said road into a massive city, which made no fecking sense as I have the rural mapgen thing on.

Where I find… over a dozen gas stations, a operational APC, an operational atomic van and car, as well as plenty of garages for tools and spare parts.

Idk if this is just RNJesus having a sense of humor or what, but I just felt like I had to share it.


uhm what about finding a city at a lakeside which had 2 operation APC 2 normal tanks 1 light tank 1 atomic tank and 1 “self propelled howitzer” which firing the gun of WITH ear protection, specifically, powered shooters earmuffs makes me deaf for 2 days but did 3946 damage to the riot control robot I shot with it which COMPLETELY OBLITERATED IT leaving no corpse at all