Day 9 Juggernauts, et al

It is day 9, and my world is full of juggernauts, giant boomers, spitters, etc. The setting that dictates how fast Z’s evolve I have set to .1 (normal is 1, max 50). I’ve tried this setting intending to work on my later game, but I seem to have somehow done the opposite I intended, and Z’s are evolving faster? Not sure what I’ve done…thoughts?

That’s the delay before they evolve, you’ve dropped it to where they evolve in one tenth the time.

The help for that entry could probably make it clearer.

Ah, thanks. Help says “0” is no evolving, so I assumed…you know :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand your confusion, “0” is potentially alot different from “.1” depending on the context. 0 means: null.

Then why do i see hulks day 1?

did you modify the start day?, i think it doesnt affect food but it does mobs

i have a large number of mods but none that affect mobs to heavily.

No i didnt modify atart day

I see brutes (both normal and shocker types) day 1, and saw a juggernaut on day 3. I’ve had to dial the Evo speed way back to counter this as it’s ridiculously fast. I’m not a coder, and I play CDDA in my rare spare time, so I wouldn’t even know where to begin on what caused this. But it turned the game into a masochists wet dream.

i remember once i got even kevlar brutes on the first 4 days of playing

There are some locations that can spawn later evolutions early on, like lab containment facilities, but odds are that’s unintentional.