Eskrima doesn't work with monomolecular blade?

So I’m trying the recently-buffed Bionic Assassin class, and after checking the .jsons to confirm that the monomolecular blade was compatible, I figured I’d take Eskrima to become an awesome blade-handed whirlwind.

Fast forward an ingame year, and I’m an awesome blade-handed SOMETHING, but the special attacks for Eskrima never seem to proc. The game does seem to apply the eskrima cut damage multiplier, but that’s about it. Is there some logical reason why special attacks (such as the Puno, combination attack etc) don’t work, or have I run into a bug? It works fine with other eskrima-compatible weapons. I have 6 melee, 6 unarmed and 5 cutting weapons skill.

Quite possibly because it’s a bionic_weapon. Would have to check to be sure, though. :-/

Ah, I should probably have put this in bug reports then. My bad!

I did notice that the martial arts .json lists it as “bio_blade_weapon”, whereas the bionic items .json lists it as “bio_blade” but that seemed to be correct as far as I could tell. Removing the _weapon simply results in the monomolecular blade not being usable by eskrima at all (can’t even have Eskrima active while wielding it).