Edit: I actually just don't understand Eskrima

As the title says, sorry if I just don’t understand it, but I took Eskrima on my character to try and get me some wonderful rapid-fire stabbings, slashings, hackings and the like - I just updated to the latest experimental, went into my world of “lets see how much mess can be made” settings and after escaping from rather too many big red-named things that filled the starting shelter with toxic gas in the first eight to ten turns (and a “friendly” skeletal juggernaut who got stuck on a necromancer and couldn’t reach me) I tried to loot a farmhouse.

I tried grabbing every single knife type I could in the kitchen - cleavers, paring knives, steak knives, chef knives… all of them - every single one says it’s not a valid Eskrima weapon.
Am I misunderstanding what type of knives Eskrima can use, or is this broken?
Apologies if so - I guess I’ll take the other knife one.

Non of the knifes you listed are compatible with Eskrima. You can push F1 when selecting which martial art you want to use (in this case Eskrima) to see a full list of weapons that are compatible with it.

Ah, OK. I guess a mod I used to have must have allowed them at some point - it’s been quite a while.

Also seems kind of weird they wouldn’t be, but then I don’t really know what Eskrima is or what would make those knives (especially the smaller lighter ones) so unusable for the purpose.

Citing Wikipedia (and I know how reliable that is) it seems like it can be used for all kinds of improvised weapons that aren’t even vaguely knife or baton like. That said, I guess it would be kind of overpowered if it could literally use half the objects in the game.