Monomolecular blade - how -exactly- does it work?

As you could guess from topic name, there are some questions I have about that device.

  1. Does it count as unarmed? Because it is a blade, y’know. And it deals cut damage. But attack sound is same as unarmed attack. Also, what skill will be levelled when I am attacking with it - cutting or unarmed?
  2. Does it have armor penetration? As far as I could tell, not a single non-ranged weapon, including MMB, have exactly 0 AP (except from some weapon styles bonuses).
    But goddarn it, this is a MM Blade! Almost a trope namer! It should have at least some AP, if not just outright ignore any and all armor.
  3. It only seems to work with Ninjutsu (of styles I’ve learned). Does it work with anything else? I reckon it should with biojutsu, right? Anything else?

Unless it’s changed recently it counts as unarmed and levels unarmed, it doesn’t as far as I know have AP but it is the highest dmg unarmed weapon you can get by a long measure.

It should work with any martial art that can make use of unarmed weapons.

1.Yes it is unarmed.

2.Weapon pen so far is restricted to martial arts. However doing a ton of damage works as penetration as melee crits apply damage before interacting with armour(therefore it is unneccesary to have a pen value) , while ranged interacts with armour before criting, therefore armour pen is neccesary as the base damage is reduced by armour before the weapon can crit, unless armour is reduced by armour pen.
Therefore, monomolecular blades EXTREMELY high raw damage (and melee bonus which leads to crits) that exceeds ANY armour in the game even without crit(just by slittle to be perfectly fair) is already saying it cuts through everything. And just use panzer kurst or bionic combatives with monoblade, they do pretty much true damage with those martial arts.

3.Yup, because of 1. Monomolecular blade can be used with most of the martial arts as a result.


Hmmm. Brian missed the monomolecular blade in the melee update; it’s only supposed to do 33 cut at +0 acc, making it the best knife in the game but not the best weapon overall.

Then its description is bugged. I have a character who know a ton of MA styles but MMB only shows ninjutsu as compatible style.