Errors loading a save and a blank screen (0.A g76279a7 Linux)

0.A g76279a7
Linux (ncurses)

haven’t had any problems with experimentals pulled from git since i switched from the stable 0.A to save my char/world from a strange bug. now looks like i’m punished for relying on experimentals… upon loading of the save a newly pulled experimental has gone weird on me (screenshot): gives me a short warning message in red for (looks like) every object in game, than goes black while pushing cpu to the limit for as long as i leet it run.

looks like this is the end of my one-and-a-half-year-old char with 22 mechanics and a lovely modifiied humvee =(

That problem is not related to your save.

You started an older version of the game, but use new json data. Specifically the materials array in the item definitions used to contain exactly 2 materials, but the current version can handle any number of materials. Therefor the current definition of cured hide contains a materials array with only one entry. This loads fine with the current version, but older versions can not handle such a small array.

You should use a more current version.

thank you! i’ve been stupid and reading manuals is a must: of course “git pull” doesn’t recompile the newer source by itself and i totally forgot about the subsequent “make clean” and “make” =( probably will work once it finishes compiling.