A number of Mutation Ideas mixed with a few others

A grouping of ideas mostly based around the in game mutation. With a few extra ideas.

  1. A change to how the huge mutation works. I would say this mutation will cause problems with found clothing and vehicles. Crafted items and vehicles on the other hand can be crafted to fit character’s new sizes. mutations the block a clothing on the other hand while having workarounds( like the tentacle armor) they still block most clothing.

2 Super mutations. these are basically stronger and rarer versions of the main mutations. they have few “Bad” mutations but still have the bad mutations from what could be called the core mutation. a bovin super mutation that i call the minotaur would still have the huge mutation and be slow. side note i would say sometimes a bad mutation is removed by the super mutation. personally i would say a super mutation can only be gain through a serum and to make said super serum need both the core serum some alpha serum(since the alpha is a “evolved” human) and a few other things for the developers to decide
examples, Centaur (for a mutation i am going to say later) naga(same as centar but for a different mutation) Dragon(lizard) Queen(bee/insect/slime versions) Dryder (spider) Dire(bear/cat/dog)

3 New mutations. Equine(horse is the core form of centaur.) a strong fast class more based around raw speed and strength low defense but can carry heavy armor with little lost of speed. high run cost tho(run cost as in food and water) Snake (core of naga) a mutation built around survival speed and fast deadly attacks not much in strength and defense. deadly poison and can eat prey of even large size whole(with enough mutation/ experience with said skill) still can’t eat rotten food safely so this is mostly living foes.

4, mutaion trees or is other word mutations that have branches. example insect->beetle,ant,mantis. bee,drone,worker,soldier. some mutation would have different versions that players can go too (random with rads controlled with serums)

5 survivors notebooks. these are recipe books made after the end mostly related to after end crafting examples mutation tailoring/armorsmithing (different books with similar first names) the first added fabric clothing based around mutations with armorsmithing for armor.
more may be added when i think them

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More mutations sounds good to me, get coding that stuff!

can’t code good with writing and coming up with ideas bad with coding and drawing

huh i had hoped for a few more comments

A positive ability an amebic mold or slime might have could be eating old / spoiled food with no negative effects, of even the ability to consume organic items like wool / fur clothes and a negative ability might be an extra sensitivity to temperature especially heat. I don’t really know much about this topic but you wanted more comments and its the least I could do.

i personally would also say that the slime could shift forms but feel thats a little over powered so would need a counter to make it fairer

I agree it would be a fitting ability to see. Maybe the counter could be that if you use it too much you would begin to lose your original shape and gain the habits of the creature you shapeshift to like at first you would get prompts like: “you struggle to remember what it was like before the cataclysm” or something

Also slime could have an ability to store more due to its physical makeup

oh yeah that was one idea they use biomass and thats why they always hunger. it removes the spawn slimelings apility (tho i would say that’s something the biomass could be used for) know for losing from i would say its based on how much the form is changed froming doc oc tentacles from their back would not be a problem over going full slime beast (slime based beast mutation) know i would add you could still go back to your normal form it would just take more time