Enumerator problem

i kill a bunch of zeds
i stay near the pile of dead zeds. i need what? right - bash them to pulp.
i bash - you cannot bash - nothing to do… not exact phrase but this is meaning of phrase.
another case - i stay near the heap of items (and zeds in this heap ofcoz) i want to butch televisor and select him but butch some other.

well i use anvanced inventory - by one i move all on the free tile and do what i need to do.

what mean of this name of topic - yet in cataclysm (not DDA) when in inventory i can use items which is enumerated by hotkeys i try to pour clean water to bottle but game say me what you cannot pour water into your pants.
subroutine which i usually name enumerator fails and take one number to two vary items with vary properties.

it is recall story about two rail passenger wagons with numerated with number 9. and tell this humour story Michael Zadornov.
i may tell you digest from that story
wagon number 9 it is can be that wagon which is after 8 wagon, but can be number 9 which is before 10. and from that what we can have? rrright! exactly two 9 wagons one from them is after 8 other is before 10.
everything depends from where and how to make calculation.
it is “skillfully correct” to consider and on fingers of two hands there will be 11 fingers. :wink:

maybe in enumerator there are “slibs” of this sort.

What do you mean by all this? I don’t understand… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re saying that you were trying to pulp some zeds and it was telling you that there was nothing there to smash. I’m not sure what causes it, but sometimes zed corpses will be pre-pulped by other factors and they are too far smashed for the game to recognize them as smashable, but they can still revive (as indicated by the corpse name being in yellow text). There doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done about it; you’ll just have to butcher them when that happens.

For the other problem, the hotkeys are case sensitive, so is it possible you were holding Shift or had turned on Caps Lock and accidentally used the upper-case key instead of the lower-case that was keyed to what you wanted? Your bottle could have had a key, “a” for example, and your pants the upper-case version, “A”. The game differentiates between the two.

I suppose it’s possible that the game might have given the same hotkey to two different items, but it seems like it would have reported an error if it did.

–I often have the caps lock on by ‘accident’ since the littles don’t know what buttons to press sometimes, so just as a warning to anyone who has small children who use your computer check for caps lock!
–If it is attempted for two things to have the same hotkey I believe one just takes over the other. I think it also asks you if you are sure you wish to replace the hotkey if you switch it around.
–In a few rare cases I’ve seen the odd thing where you can’t smash, but its rare for me. It usually only happens when they stand on land mines. Figures a shocker brute would stand on one and blow up near my house, but the landfield is still filled with a boat load of mines so I end up doing the annoyance of following the exact path he did to pulp/butcher him, and end up missed and flowing up my legs. But I had either the option of that, or him murdering me brutally in the night. I think I made the right choice.

no. no need hotkeys. hotkeys i recall in assuming old cataclysm. i say as example. in old cataclysm we cannot walk by inventory by cursor keys.
now we can re-enumerate items with re-binding new hotkeys. and select items with cursor also.
hotkeys is not so need :slight_smile: it’s been exanple of enumerator not so frequently but none-the-less - bug.

sorry i have no childrens. :frowning:

caps - yes all nothing - if not one “BUT”: if i in caps mode then ^b give me move to left-down - what i CAN see. as we can see from here, i can understoot what somewhat is doing not so as i wish.
no. i’m been not in caps-mode.

I see. I’ve never played the old Cataclysm. You couldn’t select items the same way you can in DDA; you had to use hotkeys?

I would wonder if it has something to do with your keyboard setup. Perhaps it’s not reading the keys right?

well… so download unpack and play :slight_smile: and you will see…
or not. "everything depends on that as cards will lay down"
you may see this “feint ears” - try only that your stock was as it is possible is more stoutly filled. then “fantastic tales” will maybe begin.

i may only to say what not i bind keys :slight_smile:

I’m confused, are you using the older version, not the newer expiremental? If so, I would recommend the newer stuff since the ‘full version’ it hasn’t been updated in probably over a year by now.

o mein gott!!! :))) i played this game before i knew about C:DDA.

The old cataclysm vivat is referring to is the first Cataclysm, the post-apocalyptic roguelike that Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead was based on, rather than one of the stable builds of DDA. The first paragraph in the introductory post is explaining that they couldn’t pulp corpses, presumably because the corpses were already pre-pulped by some other factor, but not beyond reviving. If I’m understanding correctly, there is also a problem where they stacked all of the corpses, and possibly items, into one pile and tried to butcher one object or corpse in the pile, but ended up butchering another.

This lead to the second paragraph, which was a story of a time that they played the aforementioned first Cataclysm, the one that DDA was based on, and encountered a similar problem where the game (the first Cataclysm) assigned the same hotkey to two different items, a bottle and a pair of pants. The “Enumerator problem” name of the topic seems to have arisen because vivat called the process that automatically assigned hotkeys the “enumerator” because it gave a number, or in this case a key.

The third is a story about a train or some other rail-based locomotive that seems to have had two carts labelled number 9. vivat is saying that one number 9 came after 8, and the other before 10. It’s interesting because both were technically correctly positioned, depending on where you looked at it from, but it was irrefutable that there were two number 9s.

The conclusion is that the enumerator, or the process that assigns hotkeys, might have made a similar mistake.

I could be misunderstanding something, though.


there is a device “ISA Plug and Play enumerator” in the old ISA-based Pentium (or pre-Pentium) motherboards - this device present in list of devices in old Win9x (and NT too).