Food enjoyment does little to nothing to improve focus

I’m sure that I have been expressing my unhappiness about this for quite a while, but so far I have been unable to locate where in code the big nerf is located. I would appreciate some pointers.

Short story even shorter, eating a +12 joy item only results in 2 additional points towards morale and focus equilibrium:



This is intentional.
The way the morale function works is sqrt(30^2+12^2) ≈ 32. Where 30 is the morale from music, 12 is the morale from the chips and 32 is the finale morale bonus.
Morale does not stack linearly to prevent players from easilly stacking it by drinking 10 different kinds of drinks and ect.

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Ok, but I get 30 morale from music alone, making food irrelevant. Or in your words sqrt(30^2) = 30. why should one bother crafting enjoyable food when you can just eat roasted rhizomes and smoked fish/meat?

You are saying: why is the percentage of food bonus too low?
I’m sure it’s a matter of time, and it won’t add points to you immediately after eating

It does not add points long after eating, either.

I was under the impression that it was only morale from a single category that had diminishing returns. So +30 from music and +12 from chips should add to +42, but eating a +10 food after that would make the total 30 + Sqrt(12^2 + 10^2). Which makes each source of morale still relevant, but prevents stacking food buffs to ridiculous levels.

Drinking fancy* hobo still gives you +20 in addition to music, so perhaps drinks are not nerfed?

this is to be expected
eating a stale bag of chips won’t really improve your mood all that much unless you’re a gourmand