Enemy starvation

or in other words i think “living” enemys aka not robots or zombies shoulld also be able to hunger and starve. example. i have a character in a former military outpost one of the second floor open walkways has a bunch of giant ants but i have sealed off the doors trapping them i think after a few days normaly they would start to starve and be more deperate to escape while this would make holding them harder i think it would work well for clearing a large group of foes seal them off and keep they from getting food and let them die.


like the idea, not sure how implementable it would be. Maybe it can piggyback off the ‘Secured Area’ mechanic when that is implemented.

I’m for NPCs having hunger and thirst, but against having to spoon feed every NPC I feel like keeping.

note i am more things like animals and the like they would hunt for food on their own and thus you can starve out a enemy force if you can keep them in

How would you implement it?

um added those need to the foes with flesh or chiten setting i don’t know i not a programer i just good with coming up with the ideas

Reality bubble would be a problem unless timers would used to keep track of their needs. It would also be a problem to have them not die because they would have to then have to hunt or forage and that would also slow the game down.

If NPCs starve then logically they’d go hunt out food sources. I mean you could possibly set it to only happen if their attitude is hostile, but it seems a bit unrealistic to apply it just to enemies.

oh it would be on anything that classified as a “living” creature. some counter would be for game that prey spawn a lot more often so animals can be hunted.

Well then, they would naturally hunt down food unless you made it so friendly NPCs can be told which food can be eaten at your base, which is another big problem. You’d have to either hand feed em or allocate tiles or other methods for dealing with hunger.

And if they have no immediate route to a food source, you’d have to implement some way for them to interact or destroy their environments to fulfill that need.

This idea will make things too complex,seems to be unattainable and will make few change to gameplay.undeserving.

to even be considered AI need to get their overhaul done. Attempting this before that or ‘zombie secured zone’ I can only see as being a lot of work that will be rendered obsolete sooner or later.

ok it was a idea i feel having some just lock the door and wait them out death methods should be thier

That honestly wouldn’t be very fun at all. It would turn the solution to every urban area into “Wait a while” and most of them will starve to death or scatter off in pursuit of prey, zombies aren’t smart enough to want to guard specific areas.

Same with places like the Rat Mines, just settle in with a bat at the entrance, wait a couple days and everything inside dies. Same for survivor camps, bandit camps, etc. Everyone scatters chasing food or dies

I look forward to the day it is, but I don’t think the system is set up to implement this well enough to be an enjoyable strategy right now.

If you want to dive into the code though, its all opensource and I’m like 80% sure that we have people from 9-years-old to 40~50+ folks enjoying toying with various JSON elements and on into the more core code. There are lots of tutorial and help sections in these forums if you’d like to play with it sometime.

i would say a starving force is more lethal and also talking like poison gas grenade to a sealed room with you blocking the only exit.

…Have you played with the current AI’s? They are incapable of understanding danger, or not to run into fire, or spiked pits… or you know not to fight 60 undying enemies with absolute confidence while bleeding out of three missing limbs…

they need work before they are ready to understand the more finepoints like… trapped, or bad air… or even… should leave now.

ah ok havn’t reall i tend for small groups and mostly fight zombie witch i can see being dumb

insects will engage in cannibalism and breed like crazy so sealing them off wouldn’t work