Enemies ideas

i will probably add more to this. feel free to suggest things to add to the currently exist ideas .
i like constructive comments please give reason to why or why not you like

Water devil: named that because of its nature anything that strays close to deep water it will try to pull in and drown them. it is short and bulk with webbed hands and feet and shark skin (will cause damage if attacked with bare hands) it can only breath on land for a limited amount of time usually only risks when moving to another water source they are poisonous to eat similar to blowfish they are carnivorous and fast in the water but slow an clumsy on land. they also have a lure on there head imitating a faint glow from the water to draw things close. once it pulls you under the water it will refuse to let you go using butting attacks and hitting you with the hand its not pining you down with

proto mass Zero: a living liquid metal blob while they might seem similar to slame and other such enemies they are constructed from nanomechines they will attack with metallic blades from there bodies found in labs, while they deal moderate damage they are quite weak and easy to destroy also weak to electricity and high frequency sound. however if two of them bump into each other they will merge regaining any lost hp and if to many of them merge prepare for a fight.

mass Zero: tacking on a semi humanoid appearance while lacking legs it will attack very rapidly and deal high damaging cutting and piercing damage after tacking a lot of damage it will split into 5 or 10 proto mass zeros that will try to reform if they manage to it will get all its hp back. they have other weakness besides electricity and high frequency sound vaporizing them something with a large amount of heat will kill it instantly with no chance to reform this can’t be done with fire. in fact fire makes it more of a problem because it will now do burning damage to you as well. other than that running is an option because it dies in sunlight and while its attacks are fast its movement is slow you can also kill it by submerging it in deep water.

Visk: a insect like monster that live in nest in sandy environments. there nests are called visk spires. they are identifiable by there yellow armored skin and green eyes. with the exeption of the larva Visk are large most the time bigger than you ( i am aware that these probably can’t get implemented till the z level is fixed)

Visk larva: they do nothing other than be very noisy but they are mildly eclectically so don’t step on them if killed it will alert more aggressive Visks

Visk worker: they never leave the spire instead they dig into the depths for clay and other materials to add to the spire. they have no tolerance to sunlight because of this. they have an electric blue lamp tail that glows in the dark while its a valuable energy and light source it is vary hard to obtain not due to there combat powers however because they will ignore you completely eve if attack but if ones is not careful where they aim i.e if the electric blue lump is punctured it will detonate with voltage that has a large amount of amp, stunning you plus leaving a unique pheromone on you. it is as big as a wild boar. and there all millions of them in the lower parts of the spire

Visk warrior: they have a heavily armored shell protecting them (non armor piercing rounds will not penetrate the shell), that can curl up into a ball and roll faster than your average car and can break them easily to. there armor can be used to create some good flexible plus durable armor if you can kill it that is. unlike the workers these don’t stay in the spine but are active nocturnal hunters that will bring back food for the nest. while rolling they are noisy you can hear them before you see them. mines can flip them over while in mid roll leaving them helpless for a while and less armored. like all Visk its electrical and immune to attacks of that nature, its under side is full of blue glowing cells that give off a small amount of energy. after its roll it attacks with blunt claws at its front slow but can easily break a bone. they are as big as your average grizzly bear.

Visk Sentry: unlike most Visk this one is diurnal though it does not stay from the nest but stand guard during the day at all sentences it is not to be mistaken with the Visk gaurdian, they are once again electrical and have blue energy cell on its under side and are the same size as the warrior but its stands upright on four directly under the torso legs like and instead of armor like the warriors it has spines. its front claws that are similar to a mantis. under no circumstances attack it with electricity as the spines will conduct them giving it a electrical shield making it more of a problem. if you kill it in a explosive manner there is a chance that some of its spines will get stuck in you (they are not poisonous but still does not change the fact that you have a good sized spike going through your arm).

Visk Guardian: it is bigger than a warrior and sentry it stays inside the spire at all times paroling the nest for intruders it has no legs but two front has armored spines they don’t move in groups and there are very few of them but are one of the most dangerous Visks it has much larger energy cells in its body under its exoskeleton it will some times let out a shock wave paralyzing things like the sentry is has mantis claws. its spines are always electrical melee is not recommend on them.

Visk Mother: the big one the boss of the spire as long as its alive visk will continue to spawn from the larva it however is Highly armored it has the largest energy cell in its body much like the visk Guardian it is Worm like with no legs with two massive mantis claws and spines. it is able to unleash a directed electrical blast from its mouth it will charge it for 2 turns before firing. unless your properly equipped this attack you will want to avoid because it will almost always kill you.

other possible versions
Visk shocker: only flight capable visk that attacks with electrical shocks from a distance

Visk blot: mutated worker visk that explodes

artificial soldier: highly trained artificially made soldiers with advance military weapons. a secret military experiment that went rouge and was shut down. they can be found in some labs and military facilities never singular always in a group lined up next to each other you can scavenge their body for weapons and supplies that they have (at your own risk) will not active they will not trigger your safe mode to turn off however once active they will stick as a group killing anything that they think is a threat (i.e everything that’s not one of them). they will also create barricades and make use of cars. a radio can be useful in finding paths to avoid them when you find the frequency they are using.

types besides the normal ones

armored commander: equipped with an advanced power armor they are highly durable and often equipped with powerful weapons form LMG, to plasma rifles they also make use of riot shields. they are more weak to electricity than most due to there power armor. it is not advised to get into a physical fight with one as they are resistant to most forms of melee. there are usually one per squad.

bionic: they are like the normal ones but equipped with combat bionics. while all of them have some armor bionics because they are artificial not many have combat ones

tactics: If they know you’re in a building they will gas the building in order to flush you out, or suffocate you. They are all armed with thermal’s and gas-masks so they won’t be harmed by things like teargas,or smoke bombs.

weapons they also have a arsenal of new weapons:

ADFC (Adjustable Direct Force Cannon): similar to a shot gun but does blunt force damage at close range it can launch your across a room and cause you to get knocked to your knees at long range. it is also adjustable for a wider or more narrow for more range it was originally intend for riot squads. requires a UPS like most other weapons.

ATAAR (AI Targeting Assisted Assault Rifle): the main weapon most of them have, while it has no single fire mod only burst or full it’s high accuracy due to the Ai interface makes it a powerful weapon. its vary versatile in its ammo however it needs to be charge for the Ai interface to work. it also can work similar to a corner gun and fire around corners. but it can’t have any underslung weapons. the ai also has recoil compensator and a silencer option

HVHR (High velocity heavy rifle): it is very heavy usually only the armored commanders have them they require to hands to weidl it fires a round at high speeds almost impossible to miss with it single fire but can be fired off quickly the rounds are a special military grade ammo that are armor piercing its a nice way of saying a guy armored with this can turn your armored car into something that looks like a chew toy.
if your not as strong or stronger than them you can’t fire it off as quickly due to the recoil. it can also be equipped with less armor piercing HEAT rounds. this weapon is very very loud if you use it be sure you have something protecting your ears.

VMRC( versatile magnetic Repeating cannon): as the name implies it is versatile it can use things like heated metal nails, rockets, grenades, it does not use bullets. its main ammo are usually armor piercing nails that you can pick up again for reuse it can fire them at a fairly fast rate it only has a single fire option it can be loaded using the weapons default ammunition clips for faster firing or manual loaded with explosives or rocks. the default ammunition are metal spices in a special cylinder canister there are heated rounds and electrical rounds and it can also be loaded with a canister of the specially made cryo grenade that when it hits something release a liquid that freeze the area. the normal troopers have this and the armored commanders have it as well usually with a riot shield in the other hand because they can wield it with one hand it a two hand weapon however for everything else. it also has a natural silencer build in. requires a UPS.

I like the soldier/commander/bionic soldier ideas.

thank you any suggestions?

added more detail some new enemies and the weapons the artificial solider would use

Are going to code them, or just giving ideas to the people who might be willing to create such enemies and merge them into a game? Just curious.

To the enemies itself - I think that enemy variety (and difficulty) would be really appreciated, so I give you a big thumbs up in your effort.

[quote=“Sanarr, post:4, topic:4910”]Are going to code them, or just giving ideas to the people who might be willing to create such enemies and merge them into a game? Just curious.

To the enemies itself - I think that enemy variety (and difficulty) would be really appreciated, so I give you a big thumbs up in your effort.[/quote]

as much as i would like to have the skill to make them i’m just putting the idea out there for people.

although i guess i could give it a try probably will fail horribly because i have no idea what im doing

Love the idea of a bionic super soldier gone wrong. I’ve always thought it’d be nice to see a bigger variety of man made abominations, and it would be interesting to face enemies that use more advanced tactics. The only slight concern would be that they could be unfairly overpowered for early game/unarmoured/melee players, but if they had a crippling weakness you could discover, or were only located around high risk looting areas (Labs and Bunkers, like you suggest) then yeah, awesome!

I’ve already suggested expanding the roster of zombified critters to include zombie rats and zommoose and zombie jabberwocks, and to include mutated animals of various types and sizes.

May I suggest a self replicating biomass creature that always remains within one tile of another of the same creature?

It would effectively be a giant blob of fleshy evil that would continuously grow in size, taking over more and more of the map, and requiring you to take extreme measures against it, such as flamethrowing it and the use of nukes.

What incentive would the player have to destroy it though?
If you nuke it nothing above ground survives, the same goes for widespread fires.

Why not just drive away?

Multitile creatures have been suggested several times, and the devs have said they would like to include them if they found a way to code them properly.

[quote=“ChristopherWalken, post:9, topic:4910”]What incentive would the player have to destroy it though?
If you nuke it nothing above ground survives, the same goes for widespread fires.

Why not just drive away?[/quote]

Well that’s not a problem as I see it. It’s a bonus. It’s an incentive to actually move around the world map.

But of course as you flee, if you don’t go far enough, or you pause for too long in your exodus, you’ll wake up one night to find that the windows of your new shelter are coated in slime dripping burbling flesh.


Yes, this monster as I visualise it, is not only a self replicating nasty. It is the apocalypse after the apocalypse. It would effectively chase you by reproducing unpleasantly fast. It’s the strategic nuke of enemies, fought on the level of map squares, not individual tiles.

At the level you’re proposing, the monster would cripple the game long before it cripples the player. Plus, it sounds like an absolute nightmare to code. Also, I’m not sure how much of an improvement this would be over regular blobs.

I was thinking in terms of having it just take over map tiles on a macro scale when outside your reality bubble. But perhaps it’s not feasible.

Those are pretty great idea’s, I’d also add, in a Troll.
Well its not a troll, trolls don’t exist. Buts its green, gangly, strong, hungry for anything… and it pukes potent acid… Ohhh and when you cut it, it laughs at you because its would heal very fast, as in you can notice them healing in front of you. Fire doesn’t bother them, so its clearly not a troll…
And this badass should be smart, use bows and arrows, and up close, 2 claw attacks, and just be a nasty Mofo. Like I mean three of 4 flavors of nope. Small (just means its faster and doesn’t go through the tree’s), full grown (Goes through tree’s), Hunter (Has a longbow, arrows, and fur clothing), and of course, Scary Nightmarish White skinned troll, (Is simply put nasty, hard to hurt, higher regen, and in a big way has longer ranged puke)
Just my idea to add to these awesome idea’s already.

Uh. The troll sounds like a terrible idea. Without a good way to dodge, ranged enemies outside of robots and turrets don’t work very well. The acid spit seems redundant on top of everything else. And considering how controversial the elf mutation was, a troll of any form seems a terrible idea.