Endgame Mods & Storylines

So as usual I have a survivor into the late game - skills creeping up into the 9-10 range, vehicle fully built out, a decent array of CBM’s installed, have a working suit of power armor, etc.

And that’s sort of where the game peters out. There’s not much to challenge a survivor at that point, and not many goals left to achieve.

There are little hints of end-game-y sorts of things here and there… the black box transcripts, the odd occasional artifacts, blood analysis, computer lab logs, etc - but none of them seem to actually go anywhere, even after quite a few years of development.

Would really like to see some optional story endings at some point. Maybe an escape to the offshore fleet that’s mentioned in some of the story bits, or a political win through uniting several survivor factions, or a super-science win where you figure out how to close most of the rifts - nothing the player is forced to do, but stuff that can bring a ‘winning’ game to some kind of satisfying conclusion before you retire a character and start anew.

I guess the Ascension mod tries to do something along these lines with a Transcendence victory condition of sorts? Will have to check that one out - are there any others that are reasonably updated and working?

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