Electro motor - quest item

whether it is possible to ask the developers how to make a division among the motors? and, perhaps, to clean up the rest of the names of objects, of course, if the time allows, the ability or the desire to do.

in a quest that I was given on the farm under construction Outpost, I was asked to bring the two motors.
I brought two 1-cylinder engine (because it is logical) - it turned out it’s not the engines.
As it turned out, that it is electric motors, and not those used in transport, and some other electric motors.
do not understand where to take these motors, I “got” them through the cheat menu.
but then, after the new character has generated, and it turned out to be “born” near the large factory 5x5 tiles, which I visited after a few settled down in the shelter. I am in search of plastic began to disassemble everything that came to my eyes, and found an electric motor. and I thought that perhaps it is the electric motor that I have asked (another character, of course) in the quest to farm-Outpost.

So - what I actually - whether it is possible or on the section name motors? To avoid confusion, and to the other players with this quest are not confused.
quest - to be honest - is made trivial.
because it is logical to assume that the next time there is no electricity (not drawn anywhere electrical wires to the farm) it is possible that you are asked to either gasoline or diesel engine, but certainly not electric.
whether it is possible with this something to do?

and this confusion is not in the quest and in the name of the object.
it bears the name of the objects in the quest confusion and as a consequence - worsening confusion in translation.

and the request to make the quest itself logical, that the quest required you do not electric motor and fuel oil. even if it is, for example, a tank (or other heavy weapon platform) diesel engine (that’s me for example)