Electric Motors

In the games file, there exists an Electric Motor, with no other words attached. It sits in the middle ground between the small and the large motors, in stats like power and weight. And it makes much more sense for smaller applications to be using a motor that size than a large. However there seems to be no way to obtain or craft the item, unless I’m missing something? Anyone happen to know why it’s this way and if there’s a way to get it? Thanks.

Try larger appliances. I might be crossing this with other games, but I believe washers or dryers can yield them.

Looks like you have a mix up with an other game, as dryers and washing machines drop small motors, sadly.

However, based on the code (build #10900) you can get the “normal” motors like so…

Electric Motors

They can be found randomly here:

  • Helicopter (crashed, probably?)
  • Regional dump
  • Road
  • Sewage plant

They can be randomly dropped by:

  • Robots

By deconstructing:

  • air compressor
  • broken exodii quadruped
  • broken exodii turret
  • broken exodii worker
  • broken prototype robot (x2)
  • document shredder
  • electronic machinery (40%)
  • heavy machinery (30%)
  • large satellite dish
  • light machinery (50%)
  • old machinery (30%)
  • robotic arm (60%)
  • set of small tank tread (x2)

Also, disassembling the things that take a motor also yield one (blade trap, large water wheel & large wind turbine (only if they were crafted with them, x2 each), plow, seed drill (x2), vehicle scoop (x2))…

Or smashing:

  • electronic machinery (10%)
  • heavy machinery (10%)
  • light machinery (10%)
  • nanofabricator (x4)
  • old machinery (10%)
  • robotic arm (30%)

And you can find them in these cars:

  • Automatic Street Sweeper
  • Automatic Tractor (x2)
  • Bubble Car (x3)
  • Forklift
  • Golf Cart (both versions of them)
  • Hybrid Car
  • Solar Car (x2)
  • Trencher

This list might not complete… And it does not include mods.

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@Valase thanks, I’ll try those sources, though the automatic street sweeper I found uses a small electric motor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bubble car. Solar cars I’ve found all use Large motors. I haven’t seen a forklift on any of my recent play throughs. Or the tractors either. But I’m sure they’re around!

Weird. Did you migrate your save from an older version? Maybe it was changed recently…
You could also try to disassemble the scoop, if it was/is in a good condition.

Just to make sure we talk about the same thing: Solar car are cars with 13 Solar Panels all over the back, not the typical electric car with 4 of them:

Solar car example

It’s also possible that some mods overwrite the cars to add new parts and change some things up…

Yeah, I’ve also never met a Forklift and only once run into a Bubble Car while testing stuff. Some vehicles are pretty rare (or maybe even never spawn, as they’re not finished - I didn’t check for that).

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Only a little ways back, not more than a month.

Oh…I’ve never seen one of those, neat!

If I recall correctly the electric motor can be obtained from seed drills. I needed one for a quest and a google search suggested searching for that.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind, weird that you can build most of the other sizes.

I just found an electric car in my game that has an electric motor but the storage battery is broken.

Gotta remove that motor and move it to another vehicle, or find another storage battery to replace it!