Electric Shears Inconsistent

Found a farm with sheep and wanted to try shearing them so I made a pair of electric shears.
The shears are weird, they have built in 100 unit battery that’s not unloadable but I modified it with a UPS conversion and now it says UPS (x/100) like a smartphone.

Maybe they missed an update pass when the newer battery system got implemented?
The data for them appears to be in \data\json\items\tool\pets.json
“id”: “elec_shears”,
“type”: “TOOL”,
“name”: { “str”: “electric_shears”, “str_pl”: “electric_shears” },
“description”: “These electric shears can be used to shear animals quicker.”,
“weight”: “1200 g”,
“volume”: “1200 ml”,
“price”: 2400,
“to_hit”: -1,
“bashing”: 2,
“material”: [ “plastic”, “steel” ],
“symbol”: “;”,
“color”: “dark_gray”,
“qualities”: [ [ “SHEAR”, 3 ] ],
“ammo”: “battery”,
“initial_charges”: 100,
“max_charges”: 100,
“charges_per_use”: 25
It doesn’t look quite like the entries for electronics.json for example.

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They were added recently (after the battery system change). I guess it was just overlooked.

PS: Since that’s a base game feature, I’ve moved this topic over to the garage.

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There’s also an “_” in the name instead of a space.
And they don’t actually need any charge to shear sheep.

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If I’ve seen right, this was fixed four days ago.

Not sure if that was fixed too. I’ll add it to my checklist.