Battery drain for acid?

So anyway to drain batteries so I can use them to make acid? got a few barely charged batteries from mostly dead phones

You’re most likely referring to UPS charged phones. While I’m not sure about the real life specifics, it’s fair to say that UPS chargeable devices don’t use typical acid and metal cells to charge.

If you are talking about regular batteries, you probably wouldn’t get much acid from them in respect to the time it would take to disassemble them.

ah. and yeah I was talking batteries I got from a few barely charged cellphones

Still confusing because UPS charged devices actually charge, while batteries don’t have charges. Each battery is an individual item.

nonsense, they ditched the old system that worked well for “everything has to have a reloadable magical “clip” for battery charge”.

i hate it to be honest, why the fuck did anyone think this was a good or desireable thing?

Convert every tool with UPS mod?

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yeah, you pretty much have to now.

i guess it kinda made the game kinda too easy. electricity was something i always thought was valuable in a apocalypse, so i scavenged any battery i found while raiding and ended up having about 7000 battery charges lying around my base. i only kept those for emergencies, as i normally would have my tools UPS-converted and charged from my solar powered rig outside my base, so yea i think batteries were kinda obsolete in some ways once you got the better stuff, but now in early game the new mechanics do make things a bit more challenging and fresh

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I actually prefer the new battery cell ssytem. Makes sense that most phone batteries you find are nearly dead and you’re not putting them all into one super battery.

I dunno if it’s in the game, but a hand crank charger would be good to charge up the dead batteries you find


there is on though it may be from a mod. and only work on rechargable cells.

Any idea what ones are classed as rechargable?
I’m assuming that the batteries from phones/mp3 players/cameras are the flat lithium type and not aa/aaa

nope no idea I try to limit my battery uses

All of this happened with a couple of my games. Part of it was just eh silly old battery recipe where you could make usable batteries from a lemon and a soda can, but batteries before were definitely in my “trivial loot, no challenge at all” category.

honestly, i kinda primarily take issue with the change because of the lore implications, aren’t disposable batteries so prevalent (IRL) because of how much easier, cost effective and cheap they are to manufacture? now we’re assuming everything battery powered uses a rechargeable cell, why?

pretty sure that’s not realistic to see technology leapfrog past disposables entirely like that.

How many phones use aaa or aa batteries?

okay, that’s one item out of a myriad of probably (guessing) no less than 50 items, maybe 75 that use battery power in game.

your point?

I have a drill and a number of power tools that have chargeable batteries. At least 5 (I don’t live alone so it makes sense) chargeable mobile batteries (large batteries for like charging a phone). you have laptops that recharge. controllers that recharge. tons of things have rechargeable batteries

yeah, but there’s so many disposable use items that you’re using selective intelligence to ignore…

there are normal rechargeable batteries most items can uses