Electric polisher should use medium batteries (git 0f48ccd4)

1kg electric polisher for polishing metal surfaces shouldn’t work on 40g light batteries. 0.75kg medium batteries fell more up to the task.

you’re thinking

the person who put the small battery in was probably thinking closer to

always more than welcome to throw up a github pull request to introduce a larger polisher with a bigger battery though, or a bug report so someone else can.

Hmm, a quick search on the web turns up 7.2V 3 Ah Dremel batteries, so perhaps that’s in line with 2 light batteries.

Can a tool require 2 batteries to operate?

with how the current system works in-game, its one battery per tool, because it works like a magazine for a gun and the electric charge is the ammo, the tool expends energy based on its action taken… that said, there IS mods for tools you can easily make with some scrap materials that allow you to change any items prefered battery type, theres also several types of batteries, the light category of batteries include the ultra-light battery at 50 charge, the normal ‘battery’ at 100 charge, the high capacity battery at 150 charge, and the disposable battery with 300 charge. every battery but the disposable one can be placed inside rechargers on a car to draw power from the car’s battery into the depleted batteries (also note: i say, ‘car’, but thats just because you use vehicle parts to make a vehicle, you CAN make a 1 square ‘vehicle’ that doesnt actually move, but also stores all your batteries and has a solar panel charging them.)