Electric Plug

Mainly thinking of this as an add in for vehicles atm. You have a power socket on the side of your RV or such and can run a cable from it to something else. It would be able to draw power from it. This would be awesome for running a line through a window or something and to an interior light in a building.

Break a window and install frames over it. Done!

Deconstruct it first, saves glass & fabric.

But yeah, steel frames ain’t cheap or easy to transport. having a lighter solution would likely make it in right quick.

Not everyone has lots of mechanical skill. Pretty much everyone can run a wire.

Perhaps an electrical port that functions as a gas pump?

That’s an interesting thought, GTA Guy. I thought we should have gas pumps on vehicles anyway. That way you can have fuel trucks. :slight_smile:

Yep, it might be a but of a problem implementing the actual transfer though.