Electric car battery not charging from refilling

The bug is that I cannot refill my ownbuild electric car’s battery. The option shows up to refill and I do it but it doesn’t seem to get any charge even though my batteries disapeared. I am using version 0.8 SDL

There’s your problem. YOU ARE USING A 3 MONTHS OLD BUILD.

yeah, you need to update your build, try downloading here:

i doubt it’s savegame compatible, in fact i’m pretty sure it isn’t with a build from 0.8, but it’s a roguelike, you should be used to dying and starting over by now. just try to come up with an epic way to kill your character before retiring your current experimental.

Car batteries can take a lot of charge, and your batteries only add a little bit. Might be that the % is just below 0.5% so it is not visible. Try removing the battery from the car (with a hacksaw). It should show up as having a charge then.

Edit: An electric car battery can hold a huge charge of 100.000 (http://www.wiki.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?title=Vehicles#Battery_storage_volume ) so 100 batteries is 0.1% And will not show up.