Solar Panel not charging battery?

I seem to be having an issue with an electric bike I found, it was in great shape, so I patched up a few things. The battery though shows in that light reddish colour, and I can’t select it when I am on “repair” mode. Which I find odd. Regardless it says 500 0% in the status, and I slapped a solar panel on top of one of the wheels, but it never seems to gain any charge. Save once, it showed 38% suddenly, and then a few minutes later showed nothing, though I hadn’t used it. So I am very confused as to why it’s no working properly. Anyone got any tips?

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Weather and time affects the charging rate of solar panels. A rainy or thunderstorm weather reduces this ALOT and you gain nothing at nighttime.

Remove the battery and repair it manually. I dunno why we can’t repair installed batteries :confused:

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Your battery is probably leaking charge faster than the panel can keep up. Only use green or yellow batteries if you can.


So you’re suggesting the damaged state is causing it to leak charge, that’s interesting. Thanks! I’ll see if I can rustle up a replacement.

Yup. Damaged batteries leak pretty bad. Turning them into buckshot and grenades is the next best thing if you can’t really be bothered to repair them.

When I dismantle a damaged battery the smaller batteries are still damaged, but they don’t show that they are. That’s rather frustrating, makes it hard to tell what I actually have.

Ah so these are specifically storage batteries. Gotchya. Interesting that the interface isn’t showing the resulting smaller storage batteries as damaged if they are. Definitely a bug.


Good to know. I’d think that a % of the smaller batteries would just be destroyed and damaged, and that some of them should still be good for a not overly damaged original battery, instead of them all having the same % damage anyways. Wonder if that can be done.

Actually I thought this is exactly what happened when you dismantled a larger damaged battery, but I may be mis-remembering.

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If it was before, it most certainly isn’t now in the version I’m using. The batteries show no damage but are all nonfunctional when dismantled from the original. Hope it’s fixed for display at least soon.