Efficiency of UPS conversion mod

Does UPS conversion mod make a tool use more battery power?

For example, suppose a task requires using a soldering iron.

  • If the soldering iron has no battery mod, the task would only use 5 charges of a light battery in the soldering iron.
  • If I modify the soldering iron with a UPS conversion mod, would the task use more than 5 charges of a battery in a UPS?

I crafted two soldering iron and modifying one of them with a UPS conversion mod. Both soldering iron uses 24 charges in a battery when I craft a UPS conversion mod. That means the mod doesn’t increase the amount of charge used and the efficiency of the mod is 100%.

I guess I am going to add a UPS conversion mod to every tool… I hope the efficiency will stay at 100% in the experimental builds.

The soldering iron (or any tool really) will never drain more power than it requires, regardless of the battery size it’s using. The mod is just purely to accommodate your needs to have a larger battery so you can go longer without reloading.