Editing the max number of trait points

I think there ought to be an option to select the maximum number of trait points a character can take.

I know it’s a bit over powered, but I think it should atleast be an option, if you want to be a hyper messed up crippled negative trait type guy in exchange for a bunch of good traits.

I think the only thing that should limit the amount of traits you can pick is your character points available.

This is already possible, it is under debug options and is called maximum traitpoints, with a max of 25 points

What he said.

Yeah, but I think it ought to go higher. I can just edit a profession to give me a bunch of points, but it’d be way easier to just have an option in the menu. Also, traits ought to go higher too. If I want to make a godlike character with cheat engine, I can, but it’s a pain in the ass.

Using cheat engine is only slightly less complicated than just creating your own profession.

And on the upside you wont have to keep doing it over every time you make a new character.

If you really want to tailor your character a certain way, just start with whatever and use the Debug Menu to add (or remove) any traits you want.
Default it isn’t mapped to a key, so you’ll have to do that in the ‘?’ menu.