Easy way to empty wallet?

I had read a forum topic not that long ago, that had a good way to empty wallets. I assume it works for anything else as well.

Now that I am playing again, I can’t find the info. Anyone point me in the right direction please?

Make sure you aren’t in a menu, press “U” to open the “unloading” menu, then select the wallet. Works if the wallet is in your inventory or in an adjacent tile.

Just in case someone will walk in this thread while searching on how to “empty” only what they need from the wallet:
Option 1:

  • stand on the tile with wallet
  • 'w’ield
  • scroll up (all items in ground container are always on the bottom of the list)
  • select your item, Enter
  • 'w’ield again, select item again (it should be already focused), Enter.

pro: less keypresses
con: single item only or a stack of identical items, and it goes to default container (which can actually be a pro). e: also, you have to have your hands free, or drop/wear/whatever currently wielded weapon in the process

Option 2:

  • stand on the tile with wallet
  • open 'i’nventory
  • select container where item(s) should go, Enter
  • 'i’nsert
  • select item(s), Enter

pro: can move multiple items, can select exactly in which container they go, works even while wielding something
con: more keypresses, esp. if there’s much crap in inventory and the container isn’t worn