Easy way to empty wallet?

I had read a forum topic not that long ago, that had a good way to empty wallets. I assume it works for anything else as well.

Now that I am playing again, I can’t find the info. Anyone point me in the right direction please?

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Make sure you aren’t in a menu, press “U” to open the “unloading” menu, then select the wallet. Works if the wallet is in your inventory or in an adjacent tile.

Just in case someone will walk in this thread while searching on how to “empty” only what they need from the wallet:
Option 1:

  • stand on the tile with wallet
  • 'w’ield
  • scroll up (all items in ground container are always on the bottom of the list)
  • select your item, Enter
  • 'w’ield again, select item again (it should be already focused), Enter.

pro: less keypresses
con: single item only or a stack of identical items, and it goes to default container (which can actually be a pro). e: also, you have to have your hands free, or drop/wear/whatever currently wielded weapon in the process

Option 2:

  • stand on the tile with wallet
  • open 'i’nventory
  • select container where item(s) should go, Enter
  • 'i’nsert
  • select item(s), Enter

pro: can move multiple items, can select exactly in which container they go, works even while wielding something
con: more keypresses, esp. if there’s much crap in inventory and the container isn’t worn


I’m a bit late, but I just stumbled on a great way to get the cash off the cash cards really quick. ATMs. Transfer or deposit will do the trick. I keep a bag just for wallets n when it fills up I make a run n the cash ends up on the card I keep favorited n tucked deep enough that it doesn’t clutter up my advanced inventory. Advanced inventory bc “,” move all is the shit. But "g"et beats AI hands down when you’re getting interrupted a lot…


I’ve ended up using two briefcases to dump bills, scorecards, etc. in one and cash and ID cards in the other. Wallets fill up far too quickly to be useful. This means I won’t clear wallets out until getting back to base, but it also means heat stroke and zombies aren’t sneaking up on me while I’m sorting out the junk.
Periodically transferring all cash card money to a single card is indeed useful, after which the empty cards can be used for crafting arrows (or, I guess, just discarded).

It’s there a reason to clear out the wallets, aside from hoarding kindling? I don’t bother with cash, though I do pluck out any other goodies that show up, like maps & IDs. I haven’t tried taking cash to merchants, didn’t think it’d be worth anything

As far as I know cash is useless, as are score cards and discount cards. Cash cards can be used in vending machines and at gas stations that have terminals.

I collect cash for two reasons:

  • Because I can.
  • I don’t want to suffer heat stroke and zombie ambushes while going through wallets in the field, and so wait until I’m back into safety and out of the combat gear.

I could just as well drop the junk in a pile that I set fire to periodically, but so far the cash briefcase hasn’t gotten full.

It was awhile ago so it might have changed, but collecting cash eventually causes its own black hole. Entering the area takes a few seconds and time slows down. The bills were destroyed soon after.

Dropping wallets into a pile and insert like mentioned works. Picking them up and dropping only what you want through the drop menu works as well. I suggest using the item filter to expediate the process and to allow you to use the select all key. Using -wallet will leave only the contents, and selecting all will handle only the contents. Using -bill along with it will cause them to be ignored. Of course you can filter for only what you want as well.

Wallets could use a sort of auto foraging system where you step and take the useful contents out on adjacent tiles. IFAKs, larger first aid kits, and possibly MREs could also benefit from this.

Ya, the accumulation of bills causes the game to freeze for a few minutes every time I try to wield something, so I made a mod to remove them completely, but also added them to the recipe for tinder in my recipes mod (and also added deconstruction recipes for wallets).

I hadn’t noticed the recipe yet, but I’m going to be appreciative when I do, so thanks. Is there really no use for them aside from burning then in vanilla? I had a thought, too, is it the quantity of bills that’s the problem or is it the fact that they’re spread across many containers? It’s annoying, but not any more annoying than all the clothes that drop or the sheer bulk of dead bodies that accumulate. In the end, it all goes into the fire.

A main problem with bills is that they don’t stack (like other problematic things, such as merchbucks, glass shards, cash cards, or withered plants), so you can inexplicably lose hours in the game by just picking a pile up and dropping it again.

Putting 100 jeans into the fire probably takes about the same time as 100 1$ bills, carefully placed one at a time.

There’s also a stutter effect when entering areas with a lot of item stacks, which happened to me in 0.E2 stable when traveling with a couple of hundred merchbucks in the inventory (after that they were dropped at the base, which has a lag when coming into the reality bubble still, but that’s a once off effect).

Oh yeah, that always gets me with rags. I imagine the character carefully picking up each individual rag and carefully placing it down just so. It’s the cataclysm, we all gotta cope somehow. I always knew OCD wasn’t a good survival tactic during an apocalypse.
This is one more thing containers can solve, put your rags in a bag once, never touch them again. I keep annoying things like that inside plastic bags that are clearly labeled. I need to see if that “hide contents” PR got merged, I’m willing to attempt updating for that.

Edit: not yet

If we can move cash around cash cards with an ATM it would only make sense that we’d also be able to deposit bills into our account. This would be a rather satisfying way to dispose of all those stutter inducing dollar bills.

Well, that would require the machines to be ATMs with deposit boxes rather than just cash card transaction machines. Also, the deposit boxes would get full, as I’d expect the zombiefied service personnel to have stopped performing their jobs.

With that, someone skilled in devices and electronics could potentially break into the ATM, or even someone strong with a heavy melee weapon. There would be sensors of course that would trip if not done by an expert that would send in the secubots.