Dying of dehdration for no good reason

I some how died of dehydration while purifying water near a river,
I had several dozen bottles and filled half of them with water and made about 13 clean waters and drank most of them and then restarted the process to fill the rest of the bottles, during this process my character in explicitly died of dehydration and i saw a note i had not drank for 2 days.

I also noticed a problem when purifying water that item associations would be bad, IE i would fill a bottle then all my empty bottles and the shirt would be on the same key and would have to pick up and drop them again

I think that’s fixed in dev–at least the key-assignments bug ought to have been licked. I know Shoes fixed something about heat massively increasing character thirst, and that was a similar report. Were you dressed warmly, perchance?

The fire is bugged. I can confirm this. When i stand two squares away from the fire, nothing happens.

If fire is bugged, you should make another thread about it, or link to an ongoing one.

i do recall somthing about warm hands but I thought i took off my mittens, i was standing near fire a bit to make the water, could be i made too much water but still.