Duct-Tape, Guns, and Die Hard

So I was having a discussion with a friend when an idea popped into his head:

Why can’t we tape small guns to our body? Use a bit of duct tape, apply it to the body, and when worn you get a single-use draw and some pain when you pull it off. One per body part, two on the torso?

If you are willing to endure the pain, can you do more than this?

I want to be more gun than man is what I’m saying.

The single-use and pain would need some coding; otherwise, making a tape mod that works as a pistol sling isn’t out of consideration.

Happy trails, hulk.

Make it react to skin conditions too, for extra !FUN!.

Like if you have the thin skin trait. [size=8pt]“Sometimes I pull so hard on it, I rip the skin!”[/size]

Or maybe you’re fulla blisters after getting too close to fire? Or you’re frostbitten?

“You rip your L39B from your arm”
“Your arm falls off”

Hey, personal experience for duct tape directly on skin:

If you leave it on for a day of convention adventuring, and then carefully remove it in the shower: You will still lose skin. Specifically, that thin layer you also lose when enduring rugburn, only with all the evil of a bandaid you can’t pull off quickly. So much ow endured for cosplay. I was stupid back then and didn’t have a budget for binders. Duct tape would DESTROY thin-skinned characters, wow.

It would totally work, though.

Can’t you just… duct tape it… to your clothes?
Am i the only one who thought of this? It would be practically the same effect but with less injury…
Unless you were playing as some nudist duct tape warrior or something.

[quote=“iceball3, post:8, topic:8419”]Can’t you just… duct tape it… to your clothes?
Am i the only one who thought of this?[/quote]

It had occurred to me, but then we’d have to script for ruining the tape layer whenever the clothes got damaged and that seemed tedious. Also way less funny.

So I just had a brilliant idea for the bad ideas thread…

Eh. This is doable, but ridiculous. This would never be practical. If you need at least one hand free anyway, you might as well hold it properly.

Unless you rigged it correctly. For instance, if you, say, taped a 9mm Glock to your sleeve, and rigged a bit of wire and maybe wood or something to connect to the firing mechanism and then come up and around to the top of your arm, it COULD potentially save you the trouble of having to swap between your broadsword, which would cost you a valuable turn in the middle of a fight if it isn’t sheathed, and the Glock. Though it’d probably be prone to mechanical failure and you wouldn’t be able to do as good a job with both as you could with either individually.

It’d be situational and probably only useful in an already bleak circumstance either way, but it’d be kind of awesome for some higher-end professionally fabricated stuff. Arm-mounted fusion rifles instead of a fusion rifle mounded on your arm(stump).

Practical application of a fusion blaster CBM, anyone?

“Rigged correctly” would probably involved something that isn’t just duct tape. A gun taped to your sleeve would be unable to be aimed besides at literal point blank, and would go flying off instantly. Your fixture would need to be rigged of something not much unlike power armor and even then it would be inaccurate.
I wouldn’t be too against an explosive charge mounted on aome incredibly heavy gauntlets…