Drying meat in winter

Winter air is devoid of moisture(falls to the ground to form snow and ice) leaving the air dry.
Bugs also don’t fair well in the cold. Many cultures in the world learned they could dry/dehydrate meat in the winter. This isn’t really needed but thought i would mention it since it can actually be done in real life. (What is CDDA if not a playable survival manual?)

We have a drying rack. Maybe if temp <0 no fuel needed but time doubles or somesuch.

How do you see this working?

I recall this being a thing in Unreal World, but I’m not familiar enough with the process of air drying meat to offer advice on how this would work. Though I do like the idea.

Winter is the primary time around here to dry food. Trying to do so in the summer is as useful as a glass hammer. The humidity level right as I type is so high. You cannot dry anything in direct sunlight. It is a HUGE difference than winter. Most people that live in New England never even know how great it is to have California’s dry heat. I long for winter in this craptastic boggy heat =/