Drug regime

Currently, using drugs is, well, a drag. For instance, having to constantly stop reading to take another hit of Adderall makes it annoying enough that I never use it, and end up with huge unused stacks of it by endgame. If anyone remembers the old Rockstar game, it had a very handy feature where, if you used drugs, it would keep track of how much you used and assume you were continuously using it. Each time you used it, it would increase your daily maintenance dose automatically. Over time, the amount you used would slowly increase as your tolerance built up, and you would have to choose to deliberately “cut down a bit” to reduce your daily consumption of it. I’d like to be able to set a drug regime for my character where she or he would just automatically use up the drug as long as I had any in my inventory, firing off on a regular schedule according to my current drug regime. I could check my current drug usage at a special menu, and use it to increase or decrease my usage – with a morale hit for decreasing it.

If I knew I could get a constant +1 buff to strength by staying tipsy without having to constantly watch for when I need to manually take another hit of whisky, I’d be a lot more likely to have an alcoholic character carting around bottles of booze in my inventory.

Well no.

half the point of alcoholism/addiction is to enforce a style of play.

Id be okay with long reading/crafting/disassembly times (over an hour) auto-drink, so as not to lode progress and to actually allow long dissassemblies, but for simply walking around its not so tedious to ask the player to keep track.

[quote=“pisskop, post:2, topic:11730”]Well no.

half the point of alcoholism/addiction is to enforce a style of play.[/quote]

If you enjoy extra book-keeping, then nothing would prevent you from turning the drug schedule off.

There are some problems with that:

[ul][li]How often?[/li]
[li]How to select drugs in case of multiple selection (alcohol)?[/li][/ul]

[li]How to prevent it acting in the middle of combat?