Ability to take addictions at character creation

Not as part of a class package, but rather independently, to earn the player more creation points for their character. Plus it’d be a good feature for self-imposed challenges.

Sorry for wasting your time if the experimental versions already have this or something like it.

Very nice idea. Addictions are nice roleplay elements and can have some pretty serious symptoms while in withdrawal. I usually wait out addictions as soon as I get them so I have very little actual playtime with severe withdrawal.

To add to this how about the ability to start with:
-broken limbs
-deep bite
-high on drugs (for tweakers)
-on fire :wink:
-smoke inhalation

Starting with short and long term negative effects in cities is fairly seriously challenging. RBD challenge is fun for me, but a way to mix and match the challenge would be nice.

Sehn Knight, I like your idea.

Don’t do what that guy in my image does. Please. I did that once and I spend an hour on the toilet with a block of ice on my forehead.