Dropping in Box while Driving drops items to ground [Xp. Console b139a8d]

Experimental Console b139a8d. Pretty much right what it says on the title; attempting to drop items in a box (possibly others, haven’t thoroughly tested) while driving results in the items hitting the pavement instead.

In addition, I also had an odd thing happen while doing so, but haven’t been able to reproduce it; when dropping a bunch of books into the aforementioned box, some of them wound up getting flung forward in front of the car instead (by about 12 spaces).

No pics, unfortunately, didn’t capture it as it happened.

It goes like this:

  1. You pick the target tile as drop target
  2. Car moves
  3. Target tile no longer contains box/whatever
  4. You finish dropping on the target tile

It occurs with all storage parts when you go fast enough.